No one understands me. No one knows what I am going through. My situation is just unique, nobody can relate.

Are you familiar with those statements? Have you heard someone complain bitterly using those words? Or have you even said them yourself?

Whichever case it may be, I want to inform you now that even if no one knows or understands what you are going through, God knows and fully understands what you are going through.

The truth is that life is not a straight road. There are road bumps on the way, which would try to take you off your path. Thus, when situations like this come, it seems as if you are the only one in such a situation, but trust me, you are not alone at all.

In your journey as a believer, whenever you pass through difficulties, one thing you must continually hold on to is the fact that God is with you. God will never leave you nor forsake you. He said it in his words, and whatever He says, He means it. God does not lie!

Whatever you may be going through, God understands exactly how you feel, and He is the one in the best position to understand you when you feel no one else does. He is the best person to comfort you when you feel no one else can.

Any circumstance you may be facing is not bigger than God, and can never be bigger than God. So, why don’t you just submit that problem to him, and rest in His providence?

Trust me, God surely has plans for your life. What you are going through should never make you lose faith in God’s plans for your life. Stay true to your calling, trust God.

Don’t conform for any reason, because the glory that lies ahead far exceeds the present struggles.

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