The Race

Heb 12:1-2

life’s journey can be likened to an Olympic race.
Seasons after season different athletes go into the track, run the race some become champions with medals while others don’t. in all the glory and dismay of the race the athletes all retire at the close of their age and a new generation of athletes take over.

In the race of life ,you are not the first in the race
others have gone ahead of you and they ran the race and have already established a pattern and a standard and because the race that is set before us is already established and God had admitted so many brother’s and sisters, which you know their stories you can read their biographies and know when they started and when they ended.
May i now say to you even if the race is perculiar to you ,you are not a pioneer . what does that implies, you see pioneers
can do it as they like they can create a part as it is convenient for them, because they have not seen anything like that before they are the once who crafted what they want to do.
As it concerns the journey of faith you and i are not the beginner of the race.
You and i are not the author of the faith
grace has brought us into this race
and we have been enlisted into the race by grace through faith
it is therefore expedient that you run the race according to rules
The Bible says, Anyone who competes in an athletic race and hoping to win must contest lawfully

anyone who strive for mastery is temperate in all things
we can clearly see where they started and where they ended. their footprint have been written in time
that is to say even if you are starting any thing you are not the pioneer others have gone ahead of you .

life is like a relay race the saints whom have gone ahead of us passed the baton of faith unto us and we must run by the standard which has been laid and likewise pass on the baton if we must march on triumphantly in this life.

when it looks like we are alone we will look unto you the author and the finisher of our faith in Jesus Amen!

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