The Journey

So when we collected our tickets.
We were glad about our journey
It was going to be a whole wonderful experience
And we were very elated.
Before we got our tickets, they told us of the wonderful experience we would get
The journey was worth entering..

So during this journey we saw many obstacles..
Our train was attacked.
Our brakes failed and our tyres screeched..
We were dismayed and downtrodden by onlookers..
Who scorned us and laughed at us..

Many of them asked us to follow them back to where we came from..

There’s no hope they say
What’s the point of waiting in the pain
What’s the joy of the journey without smiles..
We almost alighted the train
Because we just couldn’t take it anymore..

We almost took their train so we could be happy as they were all happy..

But then we prayed and suddenly grace intervened.
Our vehicle kicked on without failing brakes
Our journey continued successfully.

We were glad and excited we didn’t lose focus
We are happy we didn’t join their ride

Bar. Favour Ogozi

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