Saints are Marching on (Theme Song)

The Song is aimed at awakening the consciousness of believers to their identity as saints and also to strengthen and encourage those who have been weighed down by the issues of life and sin to rise up ,gird their loins and join the saints in Marching on in this dispensation of time.


(Verse 1)
You gave your precepts
you gave your word and i hold on to your word Yahweh…

As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs for you

As i hear the sound from heaven so my spirit calls for more Yahweh …

Saints Are Marching On
Saints Are Marching On
Saints Are Marching On
It doesn’t matter what you go through
it doesn’t matter what you face
Saints Are Marching On o….
(Saints Are Marching On)
It Doesn’t Matter What You Go Through
It Doesn’t Matter What You Face

Saints Are ah …
(Saints are Marching on)

Chant …

hey ! …
(Verse 2)
Stand your ground don’t conform
you say eh ah ..
(Saints Are Marching On)

Stand Your Ground Hold The Fort
Saints Are Marching On
(Saints Are Marching On)

Put Your Armor Join The March
Saints Are Marching On
(Saints Are Marching On)

When We Fall We Rise
Saints Are Matching On
(Saints Are Marching On)
We March On
We March On Oh!

Make Sure You Are In The Number

Because we are marching stronger

Common Everybody
That’s My Joy The Saints We March On Oh!
(Saints are Marching On)

(Verse 3)
The trials of now cannot be compared to the glory ahead

Stand your ground dont conform …

Gird your loins the haverst is ready

Go get men saved fill them with the holy ghost …

your not alone do not be discouraged.
(Saints Are Marching On)

(Verse 4)
we are the generation
Royal priesthood
Holy nation

When We Rise We Rise Like Your Army
We Rise With Your Armour
we Rise Ahh Ah ei !

We Rise Oh Lord
We Rise In Your Fullness
We Rise As Your Light Oh God Oh Oh ..

when we march oh
we will overcome
when we march oh
in the holy ghost
march on oh oh

March on oh
March on
March on
March on

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