Fighting Temptation

Are you facing defeats in your fight against temptation? Take heart, there is hope for you. God wants you to be victorious over sin and for you to enjoy eternal life in Christ Jesus; a life full of faith, peace, love,
dominion and excellence.

it’s true that fighting temptations on your own can be almost impossible to overcome, but not with Jesus. Jesus Christ has won the victory over sin and all the forces of darkness. Hence, the answer to your deliverance is walking in the victory of Jesus Christ.

6 steps to fighting temptation

1) Faith: Believe that all things are possible with God.

2) Submit Yourself to God: Having exercised faith in the power of God through Jesus Christ, you must believe in God’s goodness and love towards you and the fact that you are 100% complete in Him. Jesus is the real treasure and no other thing is more precious than Him.

Remember, love for the world is enmity with God and vice-versa. You must also submit yourself under God’s authority, because He is your creator and knows the best for you.

3) Fill your heart and mind with God’s word: The word of God is quick and powerful. It will help you cast down every negative imagination and desires, thereby filling you with the desire for God and His kingdom.

The more you fill your mind with the word of God, through meditation, christian music, etc, the more you bear the fruits of God’s Spirit, thus, you become a true and proud ambassador of the kingdom.

4) Speak the word: We overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. So, be brave to shout loud and declare the word of God, the next time the devil casts his lies and deceptions over you.

5) Cut all evil ties: This involves shutting out evil contacts like friends, what you see and hear, your environment, music, videos, books, and every other thing that empowers temptation within and around you.

You must be strict to shut the gates of your mind to prevent negative forces from gaining access to your heart. If they can’t enter the vehicle of your mind, they can’t take control over you.

6) Pray: Make your desires known to God in prayer. He is more than willing to supply your needs according to His riches in glory and give you the needed strength to emerge victorious in every circumstance.

Remember, temptation is the plot of the enemy to limit you from growing in God, pleasing Him, and manifesting His glory. So, ensure to follow the above steps to win the fight over temptation.

By Osabo Maxwell.

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