Don’t Give up

Don’t Give Up
Don’t back Out
Press On!

This article isn’t what you think it is. It’s not to motivate you or rub you off your pride either. You would only try to give up because you’ve envisioned so much and your efforts aren’t compensated accordingly with the results you expect to see.

Every great vision has had a point of complete shutdown either by one factor or the other, the determination to keep on going nonetheless brought about the victory. “There is no champion without a challenge, it is overcoming the challenge that brings out the champion in you”

So what that things aren’t going as planned, that’s a point to retreat and find out what is actually going on and then you make moves to correct it. By properly and carefully looking at the situation rather than giving up, you can find out where you need to work on to get better and to try again a little better this time.

The Saints have taken a leap and will never retreat or surrender. The Saints are marching on and there is absolutely nothing in the universe that can stop them from achieving their goals and living the lives they have always wanted to live.

Press on soldier, dust your shoes of war and get ready to fight the great battle of faith, it is in you. You’ve got this and God is mightily within you both to will and to do of his great pleasures.

Don’t give up,
Level UP!

Pst. Praise Adeyemi

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