Revelation 19:5-9 (KJV)
And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

This is a question that calls for deep reflection for everyone individually. But first what number are we talking about and why is it necessary to be in that number?

There is a song that goes like this… ‘oh when the saints are called up yonder … oh when the saints are called up yonder , I’ll be there’.

But truly when the saints  are called up yonder( in Heaven) will you be there? The point is you don’t need to wait till then before knowing if you are in the number..

What number?
We are talking about the number of the saints, those that will reign with Christ at the millennial, those that are saved in Christ, washed by the blood of Jesus , believed in Christ for their salvation and walking with Christ against the wrong tides of this sinful world.

It is necessary to be in the number because it takes God a sacrificial heart to bring up this number. God gave up His only Son for us all that as many that will believe and accept Him should be saved and be elected by grace to be in the number. The whole world was in a flow into destruction and then the Father in His infinite mercy rescued us by sending His Son to die for us and be buried and on the third day rise from death to complete the work of redemption that brought into the number of the saints.

But ask your self, are you in the number? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior?

While you reminiscence and ponder on the above, it is expedient to know that people who will be in the number are not those who make up the church attendance, whose names are conspicuously written in church’s register. I suppose it won’t be a shock to anybody to learn that tithes and offering cannot be a yardstick for heavenly number; neither will punctuality and regular attendance to Sunday and weekly services be of any avail in this regard.
Obviously, those who will make up the number are the born again children of God, whose sins have been forgiven. Repentance from all sins and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour, with full assurance of salvation, is the gateway and prerequisite to being among this number.

For instance, the disciples of Jesus Christ showed that they were sure that they are in the number. They lived like Christ and were mindful of the fact that they were strangers on earth. Unlike some Christians, who live in carelessness with reckless abandon and do not care what happens to their souls afterwards.
Christians who are in the number are heavily burdened with the sins of the world. They burn with unquenchable passion for sinners. They are ready to reconcile the world to Jesus Christ and can go extra mile for this course, notwithstanding the cost. They do not value their lives, when it comes to saving lost souls and bringing them to Christ.

In conclusion,
In John 7:21 Jesus made us know that being in the number has to do with genuine communion with Christ. Knowing Him personally and being known by Him is a key we must take note of.
Most people are walking based on assumptions, they don’t have the assurance that they are saved truly because they fail to continue in fellowship with God in Christ, and in learning of him.

Proper examination of your life to ascertain whether you are in the number is very important at this point. Look inward and take inventory of your life. Do not live in fool’s paradise! Be sure you are not already lost in the crowd. Be sure you are in the number.
Carefully retrace your steps, if you have been weighed and found wanting in God’s balances. Today is a day of grace and acceptance. Jesus Christ is widely spreading His hands beckoning that you come. Do not neglect/refuse this invitation! Come and be saved.

Michael Olutola

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